Jobs that transition from the military to civilian life3

The following jobs are projected to grow, in Anchorage, Alaska and have an equivalent job in one or more division of the armed forces. These careers are a good choice for those who have done a job in the military that they would like to continue to perform in their post-military careers. Additional training or education may be required to continue to perform these jobs in a civilian capacity. All the following jobs are associated with a career-focused program at Charter College.

Job for veterans: Medical & Health Services Managers

Anchorage veterans could earn $50.03/hour doing this job.1

  • Air Force equivalent - Medical Commander, Health Services Administrator, Chief, Hospital/Clinic Services
  • Army equivalent - Operational Medicine, Specialist Allied Operations, Health Services, Preventive Medicine Sciences, Aeromedical Evacuation, Chief Medical NCO, Health Care Administration, Health Services Administration, Patient Administration, Clinical Laboratory
  • Coast Guard equivalent – Medical Administration, Health Services - General
  • Navy equivalent – Medical Department Staff Officer, Director, Health Service or Program, Health Services Department Head, Health Services Branch Clinic Director, Health Services Division Officer, Plans, Operations and Medical Intelligence, Health Services Quality Assurance Coordinator, Commanding Officer, Fleet Marine Force Company, Emergency Medical Specialist, Preventive Medicine Officer, Public Health/Preventive Dentistry Officer, Health Care Administrator, Patient Administrator, Operations Management Officer, Medical Facility, Medical Facilities Liaison Officer


Job for veterans: Computer and Information System managers

Most earn $48.24/hour doing this job in Anchorage.1

According to, computer and information system managers is a good job for veterans and military because their training often prepares them well for IT jobs, and because it is a growing field offering good salaries.4

  • Coast Guard equivalent – Information Systems Management (Warrant Officer only), Data Processing , Information Resources Management 
  • Air Force equivalent – Cyberspace Operations
  • Army equivalent – Air Defense (AD) Battle Management System Operator, Air Defense (AD) Enhanced Early Warning System Operator, Information Systems Technician, Information Services Technician (Warrant Officer only), Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager, Information Operations Officer, Information Systems Management, Designated Systems Automation, Health Services Systems Management
  • Marine Corps equivalent – Cyber Network Operations Officer, Cyber Network Operations Engineer, Data Systems Specialist, Management, Data Systems Officer
  • Navy equivalent – Designated Project Systems Integration Coordinator, Management Information Systems Officer, Management Information Center, Knowledge Management Officers, Information Management Officer, Joint Interface Control Officer, Joint Data Network Operations Officer, Automatic Data Processing Intelligence Officer, ADP System Director, ADP Programs Officer, ADP Plans Officer, ADP Systems Maintenance Officer, ADP Customer Liaison Officer, Shipboard Nontactical Automatic Data Processing System Coordinator, ADP Systems Security Officer, Naval Aircrewman Operator, Naval Aircrewman Tactical Helicopter, Cryptologic Technician Technical

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Job for veterans: Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Anchorage veterans could earn $25.16/hour doing this job.1

  • Air Force equivalent – Paralegal Manager, Helper, Apprentice, Journeyman, Craftsman, or Superintendent
  • Army equivalent – Legal Administrator, Paralegal Specialist
  • Marine Corps equivalent – Basic Legal Services Marine, Legal Services Specialist
  • Navy equivalent – Legal Officer, Military Justice Management Officer, Legalman

Job for veterans: Accountant/Auditor

Most earn $33.68/hour doing this job in Anchorage.1

  • Air Force equivalent – Audit
  • Coast Guard equivalent – Finance and Supply
  • Marine Corps equivalent – Financial Management Resource Officer, Financial Management Specialist
  • Navy equivalent – Accounting Officer


Post Military Career: Criminal Investigators & Special Agents

Most earn $46.99/hour doing this job in Anchorage.1

  • Air Force equivalent – Special Investigations
  • Army equivalent – Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, Special Forces Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant, CID Special Agent, Counter Intelligence Agent
  • Coast Guard equivalent – Investigator
  • Marine Corps equivalent – Criminal Investigator CID Agent, Forensic Psycho-physiologist
  • Navy equivalent – Military Investigator

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